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ASI History.

History of Animal Supplies International, Inc.

ASI LOGOIn 2002 Dr. Willis Woodward (Woody), DVM, and President of Veterinary Service, Inc, an animal health distributor headquartered in Modesto, California and Alix Co, the owner of a reputable west coast koi importer and JC Logistics, a freight forwarding company in the bay area, had developed a relationship while Alix provided advice for one of Woody’s customers that had koi fish. Out of this came the idea of importing some pet products from Alix’s home country, China.

As a freight forwarder Alix had many affiliations with China and knew many potential suppliers. After some discussion and a study of its potential, Animal Supplies International was formed. Woody insisted on Joe Coito, a seasoned VSI employee, be a part of the newly formed import company. About a year later, Dr. Woodward began having some personal health issues so he recommended to John Scheuber, VSI’s General Manager, that VSI should buy out his portion of the business. Some time later Alix sold JC Logistics to VSI and devoted his time to the success of ASI.

Scheuber continues as President of ASI and draws on his years of service in the animal health industry as the General Manager and President of VSI for the past 34 years. Coito heads up product development and marketing and has been very effective in creating new products that have application in our industry. Alix Co, even though he has lived in America over 30 years, is extremely effective in sourcing products in China. Both he and his wife have many ties with potential manufacturers. Co makes four to five trips annually to China to review our manufacturing sites and to assure all of us that our quality control is being maintained.

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