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The Doc Woody Story.


Dr. Willis (Woody) Woodard, DVM, Founder and President of the very successful animal health company, was trained as a livestock veterinarian. Over the years while servicing many dairy clients he was continually asked to assist poultrymen with their poultry health issues as well. As he saw this opportunity expand in the commercial poultry segment, he became more and more involved with egg layers, broilers and turkeys. Over time he became a highly respected poultry pathologist with specialized ability to help all poultrymen.

Late in his career he was honored with the “Mr. Good Egg Award” for his contribution to the entire poultry industry. A few years before his retirement, he was instrumental in starting an import company to provide animal products that would enhance those his original company had sold over the years. Today, we continue developing and distributing products that provide poultrymen and the back yard poultry enthusiast with a line of products that facilitate their needs. Hence, the “Doc Woody” line of today comes with a lot of rich history and a tremendous amount of experience. As you use this product you can be comforted in knowing the cherished time and talent that went in to its development.

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